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quarta-feira, 6 de março de 2013

Canadian Forces CF18 Demo Team The 2013 CF-18 Demo Team is pleased to announce this year's theme:

"The Common Thread"

Canada’s rich diversity is among its greatest strengths. In 2013, the team celebrates “The Common Thread” that ties Canadians of all backgrounds together. Despite our differences, Canadians alike embrace peace, freedom and equality, and your Canadian Armed Forces makes it a priority to defend these values. Every day, airmen and air women conduct aerial sovereignty, reconnaissance and surveillance patrols, carry out search and rescue operations, and defend North American airspace through NORAD. From our vast Arctic reaches to the homeland that lies between our coasts, the Royal Canadian Air Force is proud to be part of defending the “The Common Thread” of this great nation.

To embody this theme, this year’s Demo Hornet will display tail and dorsal art representing the diversity of our country that is united by “The Common Thread”. The artwork was created by veteran graphic design director Jim Belliveau of 410 Squadron at Cold Lake, Alberta, who is celebrating his 20th year as the CF-18 Demo Team design director.

The CF-18 Demo Team looks forward to honouring Canadians who share “The Common Thread” and representing all Canadian Forces personnel – soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen alike - during the 2013 air show season.

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